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Cool rooms Greece
Long experience and absolute security in the management of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Company TOLKA Bros founded in 1974 and till today offers to tradesmen, fruit processing professionals, producers, exporters and importers high standard technological services for the sorting, packaging and cold storage of their products, is located in the industrial area of Kopanos, in the municipality of Νaoussa Imathia, on a 10000 square meters (m2) privately owned land, 5000 square meters (m2) of which is taken by the facilities.

In 2018 has been expanded in cool rooms and advanced technology equipment.

The company has been certified with the ISO 22000:2005 International Organization for Standardization of Food and Safety.

Our Facilities

The company offers the possibility to tradesmen, exporters and producers, of the postharvest treatment of various species and vegetables such as kiwis, peaches, apricots, oranges, cherries, asparagus, apples, plums etc., providing:

- 12 cool rooms 11000 m3 of cooling storage total capacity 2500 tons.

- High tech processing line for sorting and packaging with capacity of 10 t/ hour and sorting system Ellips.

- Pre- freezing with water for cherries before storing them (hydro-cooler).

- Ergonomically designed facilities for loading operation.

- Catalytic ethylene converters for the storage of kiwis.

- System of ozon generators for ozon treatments of fruits and vegetables.

- Offices

- Auxiliary machinery i.e. electric forklift trucks, automatic strapping machine, punnet netting machine, plastic boxes, e.t.c.

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tolka Sorting Lines
tolka Sorting Lines
tolka Sorting Lines
tolka Sorting Lines
tolka Sorting Lines
tolka Sorting Lines
tolka Sorting Lines
tolka Sorting Lines

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